11 DEC 2013

American Women Over 50+ Lag Behind in Maintaining Bikini Hair Removal

News, Public Interest posted by Ana

Roughly one out of two American women are now removing hair from their genital/bikini area according to Multi-sponsor Surveys' Study of the Women's Intimate Care Market, although this practice is most common among young women in the United States. In this study conducted in May/June 2013 among a national sample of 600+ adult women in the United States, 80% of all 18–34-year-old women reported removal of genital/bikini hair, as did 64% of 35–49 year old women, in comparison to only 19% of women age 50+.

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19 Nov 2013

Fifty is the NEW 30

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In our youth-obsessed culture, a woman’s next birthday is not always a cause for celebration. Instead of candles and presents, that turn of the clock can conjure up images of wrinkles, jowls, under eye bags and sagging. But ladies don’t need to be anxious about hitting that half-century mark anymore.

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12 SEPT 2013

Botox, approved for crow's feet

News, Public Interest posted by Ana

According to a new report in USA Today, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given its stamp of approval to use Botox as a treatment for crow’s feet.

Botox was approved to treat frown lines more than a decade ago, but medical practitioners have been using the drug for other cosmetic purposes, including the treatment of wrinkles that form next to aging eyes – otherwise known as “crow’s feet.”

Although Botox has 2 competitors – Dysport and Xeomin- for treating frown lines, Botox is now the first drug approved by the FDA to treat crow’s feet as well.

See full coverage of this report in USA Today, and CBS News.

Source: American Med Spa